OC Rhodes

PEN Education provides tutoring at over two dozen Sydney locations and more than twenty other locations around Australia. We were originally developed to cater to the needs of more advanced high school students. We soon expanded to include younger students, coaching them for selective school tests, and started to produce more courses to target specific needs.

Presently we have courses for:

  • Year 7-10 fundamentals. English, Maths and Science.
  • Advanced reading and writing.
  • HSC course. English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry
  • Holiday Courses. Preparation and revision
  • Primary school selective writing skills
  • Primary Selective G.S. trial test course.
  • Primary Selective English and Maths
  • Year 4 OC trail Test course

Our approach it geared toward student reaching their potential. This is partly traditional academic work, partly the acquiring of skills such as self-determination, confidence, taking initiative, independence and the ability to work with others. This goes far beyond teaching students to do well on exams. These are life skills that go beyond formal education. Student academic results, as well as the education positions and careers that follow from this, are a result of the person fulfilling their potential.

Our teachers are all involved in the education system, both marking HSC exams and in some cases writing textbooks. This results in a practical approach to learning and development that extends to tertiary level and into every career vocation. We believe that learning these skills at a younger age allows student the greatest number of options for later in life. We believe that finding the best life options and performing them well makes for a more fulfilled individual.